About Us

Bosna Yapi Ltd was established on March 10, 2014. Our company, which has been providing complementary and complementary products and services in reputable projects in the sector since the day it was established, has shown the professional reflections of the sectoral accumulation of our founding and executive team in every project it has signed. We have created a young and dynamic brand with the management and coordination of Mehmet Yucel, the civil engineer who created the Bosna Yapi brand with his many years of experience in the construction sector, and we offer all our services through this dynamism. The belief in the correctness of Bosna Yapi and the values has enabled them to gain a better quality of their work and the trust of the employees. Bosna Yapi, which provides integrative services in the construction sector, has demonstrated its awareness with its working discipline and the fact that it can offer and implement detailed solutions.

Our priority principle of work is that we do not compromise on quality and trust in any way with our experienced and professional production and application teams. Bosna Yapi has taken part in many projects since its establishment and continues to do so. Our company has become a different company and brand in its sector, offering alternatives to the successful applications made by its technical staff and employees in every project it has taken part in, and providing services to its customers with solution-oriented approaches.

Our Vision

In the construction sector, our main vision is to maintain the quality at the highest level with our products and services at international quality standards and to increase our ability to be a reputable, reliable and preferred brand. Our brand Bosna Yapi has placed among its goals to carry the achievements it has gained to the national arena and to become one of the leading names in the business areas where seems the potential for growth.

Our Mission

By applying the investment policy shaped on the basis of the principles of being a pioneer and making a difference, it continues its activities with the mission of providing services with the understanding of corporate quality formed within the framework of the use of modern technology, expert human resources and knowledge. Bosna Yapi, our company acting with the awareness that profitability passes through quality in the long term; has determined it as a mission to contribute to the development of the sectors and the economy in which it operates under all conditions and to ensure its sustainability as a group that is trusted in every way.

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